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| | | One day he sees a strange flash of light in the sky and his life is radically changed. Stars: | | MacHale | | Director: Mimi Kuzyk. Garwin Sanford, TV-G 92 min The The Wonderful World of Disney episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly. 101 min Lucas Black, | Director: Chris Potter, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. Stars: Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Mackenzie Astin, $22.94M. Kristin Kreuk, Not Rated | Sofia Vassilieva, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. | 120 min Stars: An orphan named Oliver Twist meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. Savage Steve Holland Stars: Director: | Stars: Will Friedle, Includes detailed reviews, news, information, a discussion forum, links to purchase, and much more. Britt Irvin, Lindsay Sloane. This version of The Wizard of Oz is played by the Muppets! His wife Diane asks him to get rid of ... See full summary », Director: Michael York, Stars: The Wonderful World of Disney List . Episode listings, photos, DVDs, videos, downloads, show information, links and much more. Director: Tom Moore Mary-Kate Olsen, Caroline Thompson "The Wonderful World of Disney" heads to the Land of the Dead with the broadcast network premiere of Disney and Pixar's Academy Award®-winning "Coco," presented by Verizon, on WEDNESDAY, OCT. 14 (8:00-10:02 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Alan Metter Adventure, Family, Fantasy. Hallie Eisenberg, That’s exactly what we’re proposing on this end, as we’ve thought up a list of 10 movies that would be wonderful for Disney’s iconic night at the movies to capitalize on. 91 min | William Dear Joel Brooks, All Scout Bozell wants is to be on his school's Safety Patrol. Stars: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, In 1965 Alabama, an 11 year old girl (Jurnee Smollett) is touched by a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. (Clifton Powell) and becomes a devout follower. The following is a list of episodes of The Wonderful World of Disney. | | Director: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, In this hilarious tweaking of the fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea", Queen Aggravain has ruled that none may marry until her son, Prince Dauntless marries. | Gina Tognoni. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master. Director: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, This movie reunites the Seavers from the long running television series. Eddie Mills, Melissa Joan Hart, Griffelkin, a young devil-in-training is sent to the surface of Earth to steal the soul of Dave, a hot shot pro-hockey player aspiring to be the youngest man to win the Stanley Cup. Director: Robert King 95 min 87 min Kevin Nealon, Stars: Ella Joyce, PG The anthology series was an outgrowth of Walt Disney looking for funding for Disneyland with his brother Roy Disney approaching all the big-three networks with American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres taking the deal for programming for ABC. | | Girly girl Emma and tomboy Sam are 13-year-old teenagers, who are identical, personality-opposite twins, join a soccer team so they might switch places. Jessica Steen, | Leslie Nielsen, | Director: | | Al the Angel returns, but this time he visits a small town and manages to halt the losing tradition of the high school football team, also changing forever the lives of two young brothers who have recently lost their father. Stars: Kirk Cameron, | Action, Comedy, Drama. (1976) Freaky Friday (1977, 2018) Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977) Pete’s Dragon (1977) Candleshoe (1977) Return From Witch Mountain (1978) The Cat From Outer Space (1978) The Muppet Movie (1979) Jaime Cardriche, TV-G Tara Strong, | Jim Abele, wonderful world of disney 30 dvd misc collection - misc movies, special features and episodes from wwod in color NOT PART OF THE 150 OR SO NEW DISNEY COMING IN NY END OF NOVEMBER DO NOT CONFUSE WITH 135 DVD SET IVE HAD FOR A FEW YEARS 1954-1959 - seasons 1-6 email me for details BTRJR007@AOL.COM A teenager unwittingly falls for the American President's daughter, and the pair soon find themselves off on a wild adventure. During the 1980s, in addition to films made for their weekly TV series, Disney began making original films for their television network, The Disney Channel. Director: Randy Quaid, | Vera Farmiga, Zachery Ty Bryan, Santa suffers a case of amnesia on the eve of his busiest season. Charles Burnett Bruce Campbell, Stars: | Mark Rosman Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, David Selby, Disney on Ice's latest show The Wonderful World of Disney will tour the UK throughout March and April 2019. Miranda Richardson, Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, Steven Eckholdt, | | 93 min | David Gallagher, A 6-year-old girl tries to reunite a young woman with a former boyfriend before she marries another. Dysfunctional Family(6) Fairy Tale(6) Fish Out Of Water(6) Good Witch(6) Gabrielle Union, | Stars: Adventure, Comedy, Drama. | Alison Elliott, Barbara Babcock, Stars: Dean Cundey | Zooey Deschanel, TV-PG Michael Beach, Robin Bartlett, Unrated Menu. Daryl Mitchell, PG 90 min | Jill Ritchie, John Marshall Jones. | | Stars: | The Absent-Minded Professor: Trading Places, Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World, The Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening, Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers to the Rescue, A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas Story, Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, To My Daughter with Love on the Important Things in Life, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, The New Adventures of Spin and Marty: Suspect Behavior, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, List of Disney theatrical animated features, List of Disney feature-length home entertainment releases, List of television films produced for Disney Channel, "A Salute to Disney Channel: Disney Channel time line", "Disney's back with full line-up of movies", "Disney Programming Returns to network TV", "14 Movies You Forgot Came From The Wonderful World Of Disney", "Radiochemical assay of glutathione S-epoxide transferase and its enhancement by phenobarbital in rat liver in vivo", Disney Channel Original Movies Official Website, – Full List of Disney Channel Original Movies and DVD Statuses,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 02:15. Bug Hall, Robert Lieberman | Brent Spiner, 88 min Director: Adventure, Comedy, Drama. The unruly team of hockey misfits grows up a bit and receives scholarships to a prestigious prep school, where they take on the snotty varsity team. Kenneth R. Koch Adventure, Comedy, Drama. | Stars: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, A rowdy high school senior risks losing a $10,000 gift his parents promise him for graduation if he can complete the year without getting in trouble by getting caught by the principal in a ... See full summary », Director: Tell us what you think about this feature. | Lainie Kazan, 88 min | | | After the acquisition of ABC in the 1990s, Disney began co-producing uncharacteristic films (Stephen King's Storm of the Century, Home Alone 4) as well as TV reunion movies (The Facts of Life Reunion, The Growing Pains Movie) and a few in conjunction with Hallmark Entertainment (Dinotopia, Mr. St. Nick, Snow White: The Fairest of Them All). This ... See full summary », Director: In order to save his family, a contractor must construct an ark before a massive flood hits his home town. Joe Grifasi, TV-G 90 min Tom Nowicki, TV-G | Adventure, Comedy, Drama, American teenage witch Sabrina and her food-obsessed magical talking cat and mouse travel to Rome, the last whereabout of her 16th-century aunt Sophia, who was banished after breaking the ... See full summary », Director: Kevin Lima Disney Plus list: Exclusive movies and series In addition to the massive library of older content, Disney Plus is now the home for a number of exclusive movies … | | Harland Williams, The Wonderful World of Disneyis the general incarnation of the Disney anthology television series, which premiered on ABC on October 27, 1954 under the name Disneyland. | Director: "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse" spotlights the endearing, adventurous and comedic antics of Mickey Mouse and his best pals – Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto – as they embark on their greatest adventures yet, navigating the curveballs of a wild and zany world where the magic of Disney makes the impossible possible. Kirk R. Thatcher Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Ken Kwapis Julie Andrews, Stars: Jean Louisa Kelly, TV-G Hannah Cresswell, Ashley Olsen, | James Frawley Wallace Shawn, Jack Coleman, Unrated Eloise is an imaginative little girl living in New York City with her nanny, going on various adventures. Richard Dreyfuss, Quentin Tarantino, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, A boy falls in love with a horse named Flash that's for sale. Scott Michaelson, David Dorfman, | | James Frawley Director: Tucker recently got out of prison, but is soon sought after by other bad men. Ken Olin Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Kathryn Greenwood, Rod Daniel Jeffrey Nordling, Director: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, A humorous and inspiring adventure about an ordinary middle school student who strikes up an online friendship with someone bearing the screen name Average Joe, only to discover that he's ... See full summary », Director: The lonely woodcarver Geppetto gets his wish for a child of his own granted when the Blue Fairy brings one of his marionettes to life; however, being a parent is not as easy as he had expected. Kirsten Dunst, Emilio Estevez, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Director: Jane Sibbett, Jason Beghe, TV-PG A computer malfunction causes a science researcher to be sent back in time with her laptop, which she uses to amaze the court. Penelope Ann Miller, Stars: David Steinberg | | Maggie Lawson, Dale Midkiff, Rebecca Jenkins. Tony Danza, | Gross: Melanie Mayron Stars: Emma Poole, TV-G Here’s some of what will be available: Live Action Series Marieh Delfino. | 120 min John Kent Harrison Rashaan Nall, TV-PG Stars: | 89 min | George has mysteriously become highly intelligent. Jessica Tuck, Stars: When Scout transfers to a new school, his new friends warn ... See full summary », Director: Rob Marshall Adventure, Comedy, Drama. 96 min Simon Fenton, TV-G | He gets a job to earn the money to buy the horse, but he's forced to sell when the family falls upon hard times. Azura Skye, D.J. Patrick Warburton, Alex Zamm Robert King Stars: Joanna Kerns, Shawn Toovey, | Director: | Stars: Stars: 90 min Debra Monk, TV-PG Malcolm McDowell, Stephanie Faracy, TV-G Stars: A Philadelphia garbageman who develops his leg muscles from kicking the hydraulic lever on his truck is discovered by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed by them to become a kicker. The Wonderful World of Disney is the general incarnation of the Disney anthology television series, which premiered on ABC on October 27, 1954 under the name Disneyland. Kurt Fuller, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Dabney Coleman, When we last saw them Jason, Maggie, Ben, and Chrissy moved to Washington, while Mike stayed to work on his ... See full summary », Director: Julie Andrews, Michael McShane, Unrated Nadia Tass Matthew Lawrence, | Roger Young | Director: | | Nia Peeples, Kenneth Welsh, Paloma Baeza, Eric Champnella | Audra McDonald, Not Rated Tom Irwin, Mark Rosman | David O'Hara, So to escape them, he disguises himself as the new Headmistress of an all-girl school. Adventure, Comedy, Drama. | John Hannah, French Stewart, | TV-G | | | Jeffrey Tambor, | Alexandra Wentworth, 85 min Beginning in the 1950s, The Walt Disney Company began producing made-for-television films in their long-running anthology series Disneyland (later to be popularly known as The Wonderful World of Color and The Wonderful World of Disney). Will Friedle, Debra Monk, TV-G 92 min Complete list of Disney television movies from the current run of The Wonderful World of Disney (launched in 1997), part of's guide to made-for-TV Disney movies and their availability on video and DVD. Max Morrow, Not Rated Tibor Takács Stars: Kevin Pollak, Victor Garber, | | Stars: | Director: A group of angels try to help a baseball team win a championship game, while at the same time helping to reunite the team's pitcher's family. Herbie, the magical Volkswagen Beetle, is passed on to a new owner. While rushing with her friends Bess and George, the star football player, Jesse, goes into a coma.... See full summary », Director: Tim Kelleher Stars: Stars: Stars: 85 min Holland Taylor, | | This movie reunites the Seavers from the long running television series. Walt Disney Television/ABC Movies 14 Movies You Forgot Came From The Wonderful World Of Disney Hell, presidents, and Justin Timberlake, oh my! Offshoot of the popular TV show finds the teen witch (Melissa Joan Hart) on a trip with her friend (Tara Charendoff). 100 min 90 min A little orphan girl catches the attention of a kind man named Mr. Warbucks, who wants to adopt her, but the cruel, strict orphanage owner has a scheme to keep Annie - and her reward money. Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Bug Hall, Lindsay Lohan, Brian Kerwin, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. When her father is captured by The Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, Robin Hood's daughter sets out to help the son and rightful heir of King Richard the Lionheart sit on the throne as well as rescue her captive father. Lauren Birkell, Director: Tony Bill David Barrass, 82 min Curtis Armstrong, Robyn Lively, | Stars: A disgraced reporter investigates an abandoned luxury hotel where five people mysteriously disappeared sixty years earlier. Drew Carey, 89 min Alex Trench, TV-G This means four classic flicks—including Moana, Thor: The Dark World, Up and Big Hero 6 —will be broadcast across four Wednesdays, and it … Adventure, Comedy, Drama, In this movie, Maggie Lawson plays Nancy Drew. A dentist is cast into limbo after her death in a bike accident and is given the assignment to act as The Tooth Fairy as her action to be admitted into heaven. | | Elisabeth Harnois, Steve Guttenberg, Katie Stuart, Kathy Bates, Terry O'Quinn, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Wayne Szalinzki, a wacky, absent-minded inventor, is back again but only this time he decides to use his infamous shrink machine just one more time. A young woman who has just entered college. Disney Movies From the 1960s show list info. Tara Strong, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Stars: Together, they must battle a dastardly racer and his devil-car "Horace", an evil Herbie. Amidst his parents' impending divorce, Kevin McCallister must foil his old nemesis Marv and his wife Vera's plot to kidnap a Crown Prince despite opposition from his dad Peter, Peter's fiancee Natalie, and Natalie's butler Mr. Prescott. Jeffrey Tambor, Director: The Wonderful World of Disney: TV Tango is your complete reference guide for The Wonderful World of Disney. | There she finds romance with a merman. Christopher Shyer, Director: Snow White's mother dies during childbirth, leaving baby Snow and father John for dead on an icy field, who then receives a visit from one of Satan's representatives, granting him three wishes. The Strongest Man in the World (1975) Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) Gus (1976) Treasure of Matecumbe (1976) The Shaggy D.A. ABC is giving viewers a glimpse at the Disney+ film catalogue by bringing back its iconic “The Wonderful World of Disney” summer movie nights. Director: Kate Greenhouse, Not Rated By the end of the first year, Disney says the service will have more than 7,500 TV episodes and 500 movies. In 1937 Disney premiered the studio's first full length feature film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and since then a lot of film followed. Two teenage girls, one an ordinary high school girl and the other a top teen model, who meet and switch places. Rick Moranis, | Stockard Channing, Keira Knightley, A look at the classic "Cinderella" story from the perspective of one of her 'ugly' stepsisters, Director: We’re celebrating its big 20th anniversary today with a look at some of this version’s most memorable movie premieres. Stars: | 88 min | Stars: Helmar Augustus Cooper, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. The only problem: his extraordinary and obliviously clumsy nature. Director: Jere Burns, Randall Miller David Alan Grier, PG Stars: 74 min Kevin Lima 104 min | Director: 251 min | Euzhan Palcy But her resolution is tested when ... See full summary », Director: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, | Paul Dooley, Alan Thicke, Clifton Powell, Stars: | Simon Wincer Karen Hines, TV-G 94 min Denis O'Hare, Stars: Kenneth Welsh, Kirstie Alley, | Kevin J. O'Connor, Not Rated Matthew Lawrence, Director: Jurnee Smollett, 96 min Disney Plus has added 14 new movies and TV series this Friday, ... And feel free to check out Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure season 3 and new episodes of The Wonderful World … The same basic show has since appeared on several networks under a variety of titles. Alan Cumming, Movies. 24,519 Adventure, Comedy, Drama. Anne Marie DeLuise, Ross Malinger, Lucas Black, Daniel Clark, Trudie Styler, The Wonderful World of Disney comes back on Wednesday night, and they have quite a lineup of fun family flicks. Director: Maggie Lawson, | Director: | Gavin Millar Carol Burnett, Stars: Gary Nadeau | James Fields, TV-G Tracey Ullman, 87 min Peyton Reed Complete list of Wonderful World of Disney television movies from 1954-1979, and their … Adventure, Comedy, Family. Director: Tracey Gold, TV-PG | | 78 min A young girl and her genius kid brother are aided by three curious witches in their search for their missing scientist father, captive of an omnipotent otherworldly villain simply called 'It' whose evil is slowly infecting the universe.

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